Top 10 Pests of Our Area

Learn all about and easily identify the Top-10 Most Common Household & Commercial Pests in the Western Kentucky, North West Tennessee and Southern Illinois areas including; Murray & Calloway County, Paducah, Lone Oak Reidland & McCracken County, Benton, Draffenville, Calvert City and Marshal County, Mayfield, Wingo, Lowes and Graves County.

  1. Ants: the most common is the carpenter and odorous house ant.
  2. Spiders-most common is wolf, American House and cellar spiders.
  3. Roaches-most common is the German cockroach.
  4. Eastern Subterranean Termite.
  5. Bed Bugs
  6. Fleas & Ticks-most common fleas is cat and dog and most common ticks are Lone Star and American Dog.
  7. Mice-most common is House Mouse, Deer Mouse and White-Footed Mouse.
  8. Wasp, Bees and Hornets
  9. Mosquitos-most common are Asian Tiger and House Mosquitoes.
  10. Household Pest-most common is Carpet Beetles, Flies, Ground Beetles, Plaster Beetles, Rice Weevil, Granary Weevil. Confused Flour Beetle and Silverfish.

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